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To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business.

All kinds of distractions can slow your company down, and you may end up losing your competitive edge.

Our professional business services allows you to focus and remain on top!

We analyze your business processes and provide support in all other areas of management so you can focus on your business.

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Sage business Partner


Sage Business Partner

Management Team

Client experience

 Client experience



  • All clients are treated with respect.
  • All client information is treated confidentially.
  • Work is carried out promptly in terms of the agreed time frame.
  • Work is followed through till completion.
  • We pride ourselves in what we do.
  • We aim to grow and improve your business.
  • Provide business expertise, accounting policies & principles.
  • Provide regular feedback on the business.
  • All work carried out professionally.
  • Our team is highly experienced.
  • Able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats and offer a solution.

About Us

About Us

J & R Accountants were established and formally registered during the year 2009. Around May 2012 Close Corporation has been converted to Private Company The business aims to create job opportunities for the previously disadvantaged people and to contribute towards the mainstream economy of the Country. The formation of J and R Accountants was a result of the passion that the owners have for providing citizens with a good Accounting systems. The company is CIMA Quality Training Partner. The founder is member of South African Institute for Business Accountants.


J and R Accountants is a strategy-driven Accounting Firm that seeks to research, develop and capitalizes on market inefficiencies and opportunities by providing excellent services.


J and R Accountants aims to provide a vehicle for the economic advancement of the previously disadvantaged.



  • Standard Bank Business  Development Service Provider. ( Limpopo Enterprise Development)
  • We are CIMA Quality Training Partner-Accreditation no 1-QY3LN9
  • We are Sage Pastel Business & HR Partner ( Sage Pastel Dealership) Account Number: J & R005
  • We are Sage Pastel Online Advisors: Assessment No: T1V1127589


Our Management Team

Valoyi RP                      : Chief Financial Officer

Mamabolo GS               : Head of ESD

Rakoma A                    : HR and Development

Maedimola LV               : Head of Finance and Auditing

Thobejani H                  : General Manager

Contact us

J & R Accountants
Partner Mahlathi JR
Mobile 0835801654
Telephone 0152959903
Fax 0866557572
Email Mahlathi JR
Skype mahlathi@live.co.za
Office hours Opening time Monday to Thurdsday 8: 00 to 17:00
  Friday 8:00 to 16:00
88 Biccard Street, Polokwane,0699
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Afternoon Thank you for the good services rendered to us,

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Sage Pastel Xpress

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User-friendly Payroll Software

Easy, accurate and secure payroll software that ships with all the payroll transactions your business requires. Integrates seamlessly with the Sage Pastel Accounting software suite.

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • User-friendly payroll software.
  • Easy HR System for everyone.
  • Payroll software that grows with your business.
  • FREE Custom Report Writer which allows you to create any type of report according to your business requirements.
  • Single user (upgradeable).
  • Multi company.
  • From 10 up to an unlimited employee bracket (upgradeable at an additional fee).
  • Sage Pastel Irontree

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    Sage Pastel Evolution

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    Our Company

    Our Company




    • We conduct business in a professional manner thereby bringing credit to the company in particular and the profession in general.
    • We s focus on excellent service delivery

    Mutual Respect

    • We at all times nurture a climate of mutual respect and loyalty to the market.
    • We conduct our operations safely and with care for the environment and community.


    • We work together as a team for best results
    • We shall encourage innovations, pursue and reward performance excellence.


    • We are committed to the basic concept of two or more people or organizations joining forces to move towards the accomplishment of shared goals.




    Services We Offer

    Services We Offer

    Comprehensive & Specialized

    • Accounting Services offers a comprehensive range of services no matter the scale of your corporate or private business.
    • Preparation of monthly accounts
    • Annual Financial Statements
    • Forensic Auditing
    • Stock Auditing
    • Business Income Tax
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Company Registrations
    • Shelf Company Registrations
    • Statutory Registrations
    • Submission of all Statutory Returns
    • Business and Annual Operating Plans
    • Administrative Costing
    • Patent & Trade Mark Registrations
    • Comprehensive Business Valuations
    • BEE Verification Certification
    • CIDB Registrations
    • Legal Agreements
    • Tax Clearance Certificates
    • Capital Gains Tax Computation & Submission
    • Foreign Exchange Applications
    • Accredited Online Agents for CIPC
    • Business Funding Liaison
    • Trust Registrations
    • Company & Close Corporation Liquidations
    • Business Advisory Services


    Personal Accounting

    • Preparation of monthly management accounts.
    • Submission of individual Tax Returns.
    • Drafting of Agreements – Lease, Rental etc.
    • Online submissions to SARS.
    • Tax Clearance Certificates.
    • Capital Gains Tax Computations


    Business Services

    •  Annual Financial Statements.
    • Stock & Forensic Auditing.
    • Company Taxation.
    • Individual Taxation.
    • Company Registrations.
    • Shelf Company Registrations.
    • Patent & Trade Mark Registrations.
    • Comprehensive Business Valuations.
    • Drawing up of legal documents.
    • Foreign Exchange Applications.
    • Drafting and Registration of Trusts.
    • Drawing up of Last Will & Testaments.
    • Liquidations.
    • BEE Accreditation.

    Contact us

    J & R Accountants
    Partner Mahlathi JR
    Mobile 0835801654
    Telephone 0152959903
    Fax 0866557572
    Email Mahlathi JR
    Skype mahlathi@live.co.za
    Office hours Opening time Monday to Thurdsday 8: 00 to 17:00
      Friday 8:00 to 16:00
    88 Biccard Street, Polokwane,0699
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